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Lanza, H. I., Leventhal, A. M., , Cho, J., Braymiller, J. L., McConnell, R. S., Krueger, E. A., & Barrington-Trimis, J. L. (2020). Young adult e-cigarette use: A latent class analysis of device and flavor characteristics, 2018-2019. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 216, 108258.

Lanza, H. I., Motlagh, G., & Orozco, M. (2020). E-cigarette use among young adults: A latent class analysis examining co-use and correlates of nicotine vaping. Addictive Behaviors, 110, 106528.

Lanza, H. I., Pittman, P., & Hser, Y. I. (2020). Parenting with a substance abuse history: The moderating role of parenting behaviors on obesity and internalizing symptoms in adolescence. Youth and Society, 52, 1436-1456.

Lanza, H. I., Barrington-Trimis, J. L., McConnell, R., Cho, J., Braymiller, J. L., Krueger, E. A., & Leventhal, A. M. (2020). Trajectories of nicotine and cannabis vaping and polyuse from adolescence to young adulthood. JAMA Network Open, 3, e2019181.

Lanza, H. I., & Pittman, P. (2019). A peek past the vape clouds: Vape shops in Long Beach, CA, 2015-2018. Tobacco Regulatory Science, 5, 447-455. PMCID: PMC7462366

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Lanza, H. I., Echols, L., & Graham, S. (2018). A silver lining: The role of ethnic diversity on co-occurring trajectories of weight status and peer victimization across early adolescence. Journal of Adolescent Health, 63, 554-560. PMCID: PMC6752051

Lanza, H. I., & Teeter, H. R. (2018). Electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarette/vape) use and co-occurring health-risk behaviors among an ethnically diverse sample of young adults. Substance Use & Misuse, 1, 154-161. PMCID: PMC5825211

Lanza, H. I., Pittman, P., & Batshoun, J. (2017). Obesity and cigarette smoking: Extending the link to e-cigarette/vaping use. American Journal of Health Behavior, 41, 338-347. PMCID: PMC5506838

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Lanza, H. I., & Drabick, D. A. (2011). Family routine moderates the relation between child impulsivity and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) symptoms. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 39, 83-94. PMCID: PMC3066087

Drabick, D. A., Bubier, J., Chen, D., Price, J., & Lanza, H. I. (2011). Source-specific oppositional defiant disorder among inner-city children: Prospective prediction and moderators. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology, 40, 23-35.  PMCID: PMC3076609

Lanza, H. I., & Taylor, R. D. (2010). Parenting in moderation: Family routine moderates the relation between school disengagement and delinquent behaviors among African American adolescents. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16, 540-547.

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